Project Overview 

GIFT is an innovative project that aims to decarbonise the energy mix of European islands. European islands have to abide by the law of their countries that push toward a greener energy mix to comply with the European and international agreements. GIFT is willing to develop innovative systems to allow islands to integrate vast amount of renewables.

Through the development of multiple innovative solutions, such as a virtual power system, energy management systems for harbours, factories, homes, better prediction of supply and demand and visualisation of those data through a GIS platform, and innovative storage systems allowing synergy between electrical, heating and transportation networks. 

GIFT will increase the penetration rate of renewable energy sources into the islands’ grid, reducing their needs for diesel generation and thus decreasing the greenhouse gases emissions directly related to it.

During 4 years, the partners will develop and demonstrate the solutions in two lighthouse islands, in Hinnøya, Norway’s largest island and the small island of Procida in Italy and study the replicability of the solution in a Greek and Italian islands at the minimum, respectively Evia and Favignana.

Demonstration Sites

Hinnøya (Norway)

Procida (italy)

GIFT Project


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Publication of GIFT’s second newsletter

GIFT sent out its second newsletter to its subscribers in the last days of 2021 to inform them on its progress on the demonstration sites. Please subscribe in the contact section of our website to receive our next newsletter in 2022! GIFT wishes you success in all...

Fifth consortium meeting on Procida Island!

The GIFT consortium held its fifth consortium meeting on its Italian pilot site: Procida island. The new project coordinator, Igor Steiner, arrived on the island a few days in advance to assist our Italian partners in their quest for GIFT prosumers. The hybrid...

Publication of GIFT’s first newsletter

GIFT sent out its first newsletter to its subscribers on Monday the 15th of March 2021 to inform them on its progress. Please subscribe in the contact section of our website to receive our next newsletter in December 2021! [download...

Sustainable Island workshop at Sustainable Places 2020

Four H2020 demonstration projects (INSULAE, SMILE, GIFT and REACT) are going to exchange about the solutions they are developing to foster islands energy systems’ decarbonisation during Sustainable Places 2020 (27-30 Oct 2020). The tentative agenda is the following:...

Second consortium meeting in Harstad!

The GIFT consortium met for the second time in July at the pilot site of Harstad in Norway, beyond the Arctic circle! After a brief recap of the six first months of the project by the coordinator Sašo Brus from INEA, the whole team dove in the project topics and the...

European islands embark on clean energy transition

Islands face some specific challenges in decarbonising their energy systems and economies but also opportunities. They are often highly dependent on imported fossil fuels which are consequently costly, but they also have abundant wind and solar resources and can take...

First Meeting, a powerful launch!

The GIFT consortium met for the first time at the Kick Off Meeting of the project in Ljubljana on the 31st of January for two days. After a fun ice breaker organised by the coordinator, the whole team dove in the project topics in order to ensure the well...

3rd Clean Energy for EU Islands Forum

Date : Stockholm / MariehamnÖland, Gotland, the Åland Islands, the National Association for the Swedish Archipelago, the National Association of Finnish Islands, and the Clean Energy For EU Islands Secretariat invite you to the 3rd Clean Energy for EU Islands Forum in...





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